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The Magic of Dance package-
Vanja the Dancer

Dj Sumi services inc. welcomes Vanja the Dancer!  A world renowned international dancer specializing in numerous different dance styles. She is a beautiful performer who has been gracing the stage with elegance, poise, and never-ending energy for over 13 years.

 A breathtaking bellydancer, fire dancer, bollywood/bhangra dancer, gypsy, Baba Karam, Persian Folk dancer, and an extremely gifted stilt walker. She energizes the stage as a samba dancer and can also be seen Latin dancing as well. She has performed for numerous actors, athletes, politicians, and foreign dignitaries, including the General Council of India. Vanja has performed at hundreds of Indian cultural events from Baraats, Henna/Mendhi Nights, and Diwali Parties. She has done collaborations with Cirque Du Soleil, and has appeared on America’s Got Talent. Her likeness has been used for numerous commercials, billboard, bus stops, and busses. 

To bring your event to the next level make sure Vanja is there to entertain your guests for an evening they will never forget. Hire Vanja the Dancer today along with your Dj to spark up your next event!

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