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From your walk-in to your open dance floor,i will have it covered!

silent party use event-e clinical
silent party use representing pasha bell
how low can you go? :P
you know you make me wanna shout ;)
party party partyyyyy
find your dj :p
wedding time!
cue that song!
spot your dj :P
chilling with my bride and groom ;)
Follow your dj!
Who say females can't dj ?
Follow the leader!
slide to the left ;)
groomsmen with the groom!
adorable bride and groom
Follow your dj ;)
A happy crowd ;)
Making memories ;)
Anum and zohair henna night
chillin with my bride ;)
Henna night of Sana :)
open dance floor time ;)
balle balle ;)
Follow that train ;)
Hands in the air!
keep calm and dj on ;)
Sam&Vipin entrance
bride and groom dancing it up!
bridesmaids entrance
how low can you go ? :P
bride and groom performance!
bridesmaids keeping it alive!
do u love me?I'm your mash potatoe!
Aaron and Gaya wedding
just beat it ;)
u can't touch this ;)
let's groove ;)
brides mom keeping it alive!
staying alive ;)
the groom keeping it alive ;)
what up!?
and the party don't stop ;)
we found love ;)
the way you make me feel :)
Sam&Vipin reception
Ravi's father's 90th birthday
Aaron and Gaya wedding
we found love :)
catch your dj if you can ;)
bride and groom amirah and ali
gangman style ;)
Gaya and Aaron wedding
amirah the bride breaking it down!
this bride got this ;)
coordinated performance in the house
syrian bride mc-ing!
arab birthday
bride and groom entrance
dj caught off guard!
lal Ghagra :)
one awesome entrance ;)
single ladies?
Gaya and Aarons wedding
cha cha slide ;)
bride and groom first dance
group dances ;)
groom saluting :)
kala chasma :)
amirah and ali mehndi night
amirah and ali mehndi night

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"Brave Enough"
mixing it up ;)
bride learning to scratch ;)
we in dj mode! :P
Bollywood Bahamas Cruise
Bollywood Bahamas Cruise
Bollywood Bahamas Cruise
Chillen with my bride and groom :)
Doaa chilling with her dj ;)
I shall make my bride & groom dj : )
Bridesmaids entrance
Chillen with her dj ;)
my awesome bride and groom chillen!
Sam&vipin reception
Ravi's father's 90th birthday
bride and groom mc-ing w/their dj ;)
Gaya and Aaron reception
dj sumi and Dj Amirah ; )
groom performing for his bride!
house parties ;)
Your dj ready to go ;)
Gaya and Aaron wedding
aniq's 50th birthday
Dj ready to mix it up ;)
A happy couple!
bride chillen with her dj ;)
Moroccan wedding
Turkish wedding
Christina and joseph wedding
the sikhs know how to party ;)
bridesmaids dancing it off ;)
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hamza&zoa valima

December 26,2017 Florida Hotel Orlando,Florida

reception of Mohammed and Wahad

November 24,2017' culture: Iraqi location: Rosen centre hotel

Gaya and Aaron wedding

Sona Photography

Jhoota chupai :)

Traditional Indian/Pakistani game of grooms shoe being stolen by the brides side in exchange for money ps.your dj will be on the brides side ;) photo credit:page hope photography

Ravi's father's 90th birthday 7-1-2017

Culture: Indian and Brazilian Event location:Stoneybrookwest

sam&vipin reception 6-24-2017

culture:Indian/Malyalam and American Double Tree Hilton Downtown Orlando

Amirah and Ali mehndi/henna night

culture :Lebanese and Pakistani

Zayd's 1st birthday

theme: Disneys prince and princess :)

Aaron and Gaya wedding

Dance fusion bhangra team performance Sona Photography

Moiz and sadia valima reception

culture:pakistani location:Grand cypress Hyatt

Mehndi and wedding party

Mix cultured wedding: Indian/Pakistani and Moroccon :)

Aqsa and omar's mehndi/henna night

May 5,2017 Rosen centre hotel

Your dj with Dholi Mitul G

party is double fun with an awesome dhol player ;)

Aliya bismillah
dj sumi_stoney 2
Aaron and Gaya wedding

The groom dancing it up with his mom :) Sona Photography

Aniq shaikh 50th birthday
Dj is ready to go ;)

Nayeli and ayeli on their quinceanera

Dua and Ibrahim wedding

Culture: Syrian and Indian Location:Florida hotel

dj with the bride and groom :)

Decor by Dreams to Reality

Bridal shower

beautiful arabic culture: Lebanese/Moroccan

The beautiful bride scratching with her dj ;)

Sanford brown college grand opening
Anees and salima wedding

Indian/Pakistani and Caribbean culture :)

Dj hanging with the bride ;)

wedding of Rafiya and David

Sarah and Fraaz wedding

Pakistani wedding awesome two days of dj-ing/Henna(mehndi) and wedding night

bride+groom hanging with their dj ;)

Rafiya+David's wedding Photo credit: Page hope photography

Engagement party party ;)

Indian+caribbean culture

Maliha and Omar wedding


Graduation party


Aniq 50th birthday party

theme: casino mixed culture ;)

Birthday party

culture: spanish ;)

hanging with their dj ;)
Zainab+Abdul mehndi+wedding


American/Pakistani wedding

wedding game: (jhoota chupai) -traditional Indian/Pakistani game where the brides closest friends steal the grooms shoe for money :P ps. your dj will be on the brides side ;)


I'm a description. Click to edit me


I'm a description. Click to edit me

the bride and her dj ;)
Grand opening

Sanford Brown college grand opening 2014'

Indian wedding bhangra style ;)
Dj sumi and Dj Wahad ; )
dj ready to go ; )
Gaya and Aaron reception
Ready to go :)
Rafiya and Davids wedding

theme: mixed culture!

Nayeli and Ayeli quinceanera,April22,2017 culture: spanish

Indian wedding/bhangra style ;)
This bride knew what she was doing!
corporate event

place: Cuba Libre nightclub,Moroccan middle eastern themed party

Sanford brown college grand opening
Walt Disney world/Hollywood studios

corporate event/Kyro dinner show

kala chasma ;)
Birthday party

theme:Indian with a mixture of American pop culture

Gaya and Aaron wedding

Sona Photography

Half American/Indian wedding

Gaya and Aaron's wedding

Graduation party
sophia wedding
bride and groom mc-ing w/ their dj !
Anibal+Melissa wedding

culture: spanish

Verona store grand opening
Apna event fashion show
Graduation party


Birthday party


The bride and groom mixing ;)

Lebanese wedding


Half Indian and arabic wedding


decor by Dreams reality

Sanam and Adnan wedding
The bride and her dj ;)
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