Dholi Mitul G

Dj Sumi services inc.welcomes The finest, loudest, most energetic Dhol player around. Dholi Mitul G has been playing Dhol upwards of ten years, Dholi Mitul G knows exactly how to bring the rumble to your party and get your party rockin!  From baraats, to receptions, to mehndi/Sangeet nights, to garba, and any other cultural event, Dholi Mitul G brings the funk to your function!  Able to play along with Bhangra, to Bollywood, to hip hop, to top 40, to EDM, and everything in between, Dholi Mitul G brings versatility, skill, and flair to make your event unforgettable and enjoyable.  There’s nothing like live Dhol to liven up a party, and Dholi Mitul G never fails to deliver! Hire Dholi MItul G along with your Dj to liven your special day even more!

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