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Will my dj keep in touch with me prior to my event?

Yes,your dj will be available 7 days a week to communicate with you through phone and or email.


Do you use a contract?


Will i have to give a deposit?

Yes, depending on which package is chosen a deposit of $100 to $200 will be taken in order to lock the clients event date.

When will final payment be due?

Final payment will be due at the day of your event.

What happens if i cancel?

Deposit will not be returned. 

Will my dj provide equipment?

Yes, Dj Sumi will provide two speakers, microphone, lights etc. Unless otherwise indicated.

When will my dj arrive at my event?

Dj Sumi will arrive an hour and a half prior to the event time listed.

Can i count on my dj to be professional?

Absolutely! Dj Sumi will maintain proper decorum in regard to volume,language,proper dress at all times.

Can i send my dj music for my event?

Yes,Your Dj is extremely organized when it comes to her events. Dj Sumi will discuss songs and announcements and such prior to your event. Your Dj will also discuss hence coordinate a proper timeline with her client.

Will my dj play requests?

Yes, Dj Sumi will take requests as long as they are appropriate for the particular occasion.

Will my Dj play overtime if needed?

Yes, your Dj is able to play overtime/but client must understand that it may not always be possible to play overtime due to your event location and or hotel time agreement.

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