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When it comes to choosing the right DJ it can be hectic and stressful at times.You can trust me to play the music necessary to keep your dance floor moving all night long! Your entrance to your dance floor will be one to remember!

ORGANIZATION: I will meet with every client prior to signing the contract and will make sure you the client and i plan out your entire event with not only the music but keeping in touch with your vendors such as your photographer, event planner and such.I will arrive an hour before your event to set up and will make sure everything is coordinated before your event begins. 

CLEAN LOOK: A professional presence can make all the difference in the progress of your event. Hence your dj will always maintain proper decorum in regard to volume, language and proper professional look at all times. I will provide full professional equipment and make a complete full effort to ensure a smooth, timely, and enjoyable event.

GOOD MUSIC:I believe a good dj will always go with the audience,good djs will play good songs but a great dj will know exactly when to play that particular song.With a natural ability to read the crowd and play to the energy in the room i love what i do and look forward to sharing it with you!

Your entrance to your dance floor will be one to remember.

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